Warning!! The publication contains the spoiler from the Netflix Series Sex Education season 3. Read at your risk. 

Season three of the Netflix most awaited series Sex Education was streamed this Friday 17th September 2021. The new season has been long-awaited by the fans and it proved that it was worth the wait.

There was so much that happened in the original Netflix series’ season 3, and it is also hard to tell everything big that happened in Sex Education Season 3.

Although make sure that you remember the major things that happened earlier so you can predict what could happen in the next season, season 4. Look what happened at the end of season 3.

Spoiler Alert!!

Friday revealed that Eric got into a relationship again with his on and off boyfriend Adam just after when the headmaster’s son (Adam) being extra possessively expresses his emotions including sexuality.

However, Adam (Connor Swindells) and Eric break up again at the end of the season, agreeing with the fact that they both relate to the two distinct factors of their lives.

Whereas just in early September Gatwa stated in the interview that he saw Eric “pause his journey of self-discovery and acceptance to facilitate this romantic relationship with Adam.”

Gatwa also stated that of course, getting away from Adam and breaking up was the giant step for Eric that he could have ever made for himself.

He additionally said that before getting into a close relationship with Eric, Adam had bullied him for seven years straight and even said that he would kill him.

Gatwa added for Eric:

“I think that he needs to kind of understand that he needs to love himself, really, because the world isn’t going to do that for him,”  


There are more breakups in Sex Education season 3 including Otis and Maeve as Maeve has to go to the United States to Study just after they had a sweet night. As Otis always wanted Maeve to be happy, he let her go for her.

Another breakup news includes Ola and Lily at the start of the season but they ended up getting together when Ola apologized, and Lily found out that not everyone hated her write-ups.

Netflix has not revealed information about season 4 of Sex Education yet. It is thought to be featured on TUDUM, a fan event site where Netflix streaming events and release dates are shared.