Shanna Moakler, Travis’s ex-wife, has given a shut-up call to all the speculation about her ex-husband who recently got engaged to Kourtney Kardashian in a ceremony.

‘I haven’t commented on anything going on in the world period,’ Shanna Moakler declared and clarified the rumors about her reaction in an Instagram story posted on Tuesday. 

She continued: ‘So [thank you] to all my new found psychologist, family therapists, spiritual counselors, monsters and desperate housewives’

Shanna went on to call out ‘trash sites’ for their ‘unsolicited opinions,’ something she’s personally ‘noted’ in recent days.

Shanna also called out ‘trash sites’ who are giving opinions regarding the personal issues which she had been going through in recent days.

‘Whatever would I do without your fortune cookie wisdom?’ concluded the model, followed by a peace sign emoji.

Shanna Moakler shared their cryptic messages on her Instagram Story earlier Monday and Tuesday – just after a few hours of the ex-husband’s engagement with Kourtney.

“Temporarily closed for spiritual maintenance,” one post read, with another stating, “Before you ask why someone hates you, ask yourself why you give a f–k.”

According to Buzzfeed reports- it was highlighted in the news that on Tuesday the photos of Travis and Shanna were deleted by their children, Landon and Alabama.

Alabama and Landon also joined the Kardashian clan for the engagement celebration dinner after they posted a video about being with their new family.

Landon captioned the post as, ‘so happy for me and my new family!’ while Alabama wrote ‘So happy for you guys I love u both! @kourtneykardash @travisbarker’

“Sadly right now at this moment, there’s still some distance. I’m just trying to give everybody some space,” ShannaMoakler shared, saying the space is necessary “so we can heal and come back together again.

Kourtney and Travis recently got engaged in an intimate and romantic ceremony as was revealed in an Instagram post.