In the love-island villa, tragic events occurred, distracting the leaders of the reality program. The villa’s strongest duo had ever been Shannon St. Clair and Josh Goldstein, who announced their departure on the 5 August program in the third season of this year.

When the islanders got up, they noticed the empty bed of Shannon and Josh. The couple came to the bedroom clasped their hands to give the terrible news that Josh’s sister had departed the world overnight.

Josh, 24 years old, told his fellow CBS fellows that he just wanted to tell you that Shannon and he were departing today. He said that he has just been given the news, unfortunately, perhaps from producers who informed him of her death. The Sun said the Massachusetts coroner’s office on 4 August confirmed the death of his sister Lindsey, but no death reason was revealed. (The islander’s film Love Island in Hawaii, typically without using cell phones or social media.)

Josh paid his sister a tribute on-air. He told his co-stars she was an amazing lady. Josh asserted that it’s because of her he is here, and he discovered and met Shannon and the fellows. He said that he simply wanted to let everyone know that he is glad to have met you all, and regards all of them as his closest friends. He said that they will see each other again and it was amazing and an experience which he is never going to forget.

On 5 August, the Love Island Twitters said that they sent Josh and the family from everyone on Love Island, our love and condolences. During one-on-one interviews after the couple left, castmates shared their sympathy. The Islanders had a quiet meeting around them, and Cash Proudfoot said to them that to watch Josh and Shannon leaving is extremely frightening.