California – A suspect was taken into custody after allegedly opening fire at five people resulting in one death on a greyhound bus.

According to the reports, a suspect was arrested in Oroville, California in connection with a deadly shooting episode on an aboard greyhound bus while being at a gas station. The shooting incident resulted in 1 death and 4 injured.

The Mayor of Oroville, Chuck Reynolds announced the arrest on the official Facebook page.

The Butte County Sheriff’s Office stated that the shooting episode took place approximately about 7:35 p.m. near a gas station’s AM/PM convenience store

According to the reports, the office of the sheriff received calls regarding a suspect roaming around near a Walmart store. The deputies reached the spot immediately and arrested the suspect at Walmart.

The deputies determined that the arrested individual was the same who was suspected of the shooting episode aboard the greyhound bus.

Before the arrest of the suspect, the sheriff’s office had posted that the suspect who opened fire at the convenience store was still at large and was termed dangerous. It was advised that the residents of the area remain on their premises while police searched for the suspect.

According to the reports, when the deputy officials arrived at the spot, they found victims with gunshots, out of which one succumbed to death on the spot. Four other injured people were transported to the nearby hospital for treatment.

The suspect easily fled from the crime scene before the police department could reach the spot. The suspect was described as “incoherent” by Reynolds was later on arrested and taken into custody in connection with the horrific shooting episode aboard the greyhound bus.

Oroville is a small city comprising 20,000 people and is located in the north of Sacramento.