On Monday, a shooting incident wracked the halls of a Knoxville high school in Tennessee.  The Knoxville Police officers were notified of a male suspect who was “possibly armed” and making his way through the corridors of the school. After arriving at Austin East Magnet High School, the officials traced the suspect to the school bathroom and asked him to come out immediately.  However, the alleged suspect did not oblige to the commands of the officials, as stated by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.

The TBI further declared that the suspect began firing shots as soon as the officers demanded him to evacuate the restroom.  The subject; an apparent student at the high school managed to strike an officer, who was rushed to the nearest UT Medical Center for treatment. On the other hand, a Knoxville police officer fired back at the suspect and he ended up dying on the spot, said TBI Director David Rausch.

According to Knoxville Mayor Indya Kincannon, the officer who took the bullet has remained hopeful and proclaimed that he’d “rather this happens to him than someone else.” The officer is out of immediate danger but he will remain in the hospital until he recovers fully.  Apart from the injured officer, there were no other gunshot victims, said Rausch. He did mention that one individual had been held back for questioning but there had been no arrests so far.

The incident garnered a set of agencies, including the Nashville field division of the Bureau of Tobacco, Alcohol, Firearms, and Explosives, who arrived at the crime scene to help the Knoxville police officers in conducting a thorough investigation. Bob Thomas, the Superintendent of Knox County Schools took to Twitter and declared that the high school has been sealed and the students who were not directly involved in the shooting event have been sent back to their families.


Moreover, he added that higher officials are in the process of collecting more evidence about the heart-rending situation that occurred at the school. The police officers had been wearing body cameras which will be used in alliance with the surveillance camera clips to deduce the real happenings of the shooting fiasco. Thomas also ardently declared that it is one of the saddest days to date, where you just “don’t want to get this phone call