MT: A shooting episode in the Bronx, NYC recorded on camera

MD: The police shared a video in which gunmen opened fire in Bronx, NYC and passerby’s are scattering to save themselves. NYPD is looking for the suspects.

Surveillance cameras in front of 635 E. 169th St, Bronx NYC, recorded a wild shooting episode on September 16 where two groups were firing at each other while there was chaos and mayhem.

The video clearly shows multiple gunmen open firing wildly, while the crowd scatters to hide and save themselves from the gunfight. One of the passer-by men who is nearest to the camera is seen hiding behind the parked cars in the area.

This shooting episode was not the usual shooting episode, but it was a fight between two groups. However, as per the reports, there is no casualty or injury due to the incident. 

While the authorities are investigating the matter, NYPD has also urged the public to come forward if anyone has any information regarding the incident and report it to, either 1-800-577-TIPS – Crime Stoppers Hotline or log on to their site: