German police report a gunman opened fire at a lecture theater in Heidelberg, a southwestern city in Germany, injuring multiple people. The gunman himself is reportedly dead.

Earlier the police department also posted on Twitter, asking people to steer clear of the  Neuenheimer Feld area in the Heidelberg city due to possible investigation and clearing the area. It is the same area that the city’s famous university is located in. There has been no confirmation regarding how the gunman himself died.

The gunman was alone, and he reportedly had a long gun during the attack. There have been no details regarding how many people were injured or how seriously, just that there were multiple people injured that are currently being treated. There is also no information released regarding the identities of people affected. Heidelberg is located in Frankfurt’s south, with approximately 160,000 residents in the city.

The university where the attack took place refused to comment or give their account of what happened, but rather advised all details and inquiries to be directed towards the police currently investigating the shooting.

The police wrote in a tweet, “This is what is known so far: A lone perpetrator injured several people in a lecture hall with a long gun. The perpetrator himself is dead.”

The shooter involved in the incident at Heidelberg reportedly killed himself, according to unidentified sources that told DPA, the German news agency. The shooting weapon was a “long-barreled firearm.” The police have not revealed the identity of the deceased assailant yet.

Reuters reports according to Bild, a newspaper company, the perpetrator was a student who opened fire at the lecture hall before pointing the gun at himself, resulting in his death. There is no known cause and it is reported that he has no ulterior motives, nor was he provoked by any religious or political goal. There is currently a large police operation going on in the region for the investigation.