On Saturday, Wisconsin State Police responded to the shootings that took place at the Oneida Casino located in Green Bay and is four miles from Lambeau Field.

The Green Bay Press-Gazette is saying that the shooter has been apprehended and there was a major law enforcement action. A spokesman from the casino said he did not have an estimate about the number of people who were shot.

Bobbi Webster, Public relations director of Oneida Nation Casino, said that the shooter doesn’t seem to be active but the scene has not been cleared yet because law enforcement has arrived and is still cleaning the property. Due to the closure of the local landfill, the local citizens were advised to avoid that area.

According to a reporter, the citizens fled from the casino’s parking area. Around 50 to 60 police vehicles rushed toward the site, according to the witness, who identified the sound of the intense shooting, as the police received the first reports of shots being fired.

Saturday was an unusually big crowd because it was the time of year for the popular horse race, the Kentucky Derby.

In a tweet, Oneida Casino urged people to avoid the location due to an active gunman. The tweet further stated that there several law enforcement departments are at the scene to maintain order and secure the premises and they will update as any new information is available.

A multitude of police cars in the parking lot can be seen with their flashing lights and the people fleeing into the parking lot as shown in the videos that were posted on assorted social media platforms.

Having been evacuated, Max Westphal was standing outside and according to him he thought of it as a minor issue. In conversation with WBAY-TV, he said that massive bursts of gunfire were heard all of a sudden and stated that the number of gunshots were well over 30.

Owing to the unfortunate incident and security risk, Oneida Nation has issued a permanent cease on its operations until any further notice.

The Brown County Sheriff’s Office and Green Bay Police did not release any further details of the incident. However, it has been told that authorities have established a location for the media and, therefore, further details are expected to come soon.

The story is continually developing so do not forget to check back for more updates over the incident.