Health science is growing and each day we get to hear/read about some new discoveries. Here are some of the few fun facts about health, which will blow your mind.

Fun facts about health

What is the strongest muscle in your body?

You can measure your muscle’s strength in various ways. However, if we talk about the strongest muscle that can exert pressure, then that is your jaw muscle. A human can close teeth with 200 pounds of force easily. However, if we look at what muscle exerts the most force, then those are the calf muscles.

Can you physically see high cholesterol?

Although cholesterol is an internal illness, you can see its effect on the physical body of a person. Anyone with high cholesterol will develop xanthelasmata or xanthelasma under his or her skin. These cholesterol-filled bumps, which indicate the possibility of heart disease. It mostly appears in aged individuals with diabetes or other heart problems.

Can exercise help when you are tired?

When you are fatigued and have a ton of work to do, refresh yourself by exercising. You must be thinking, you’re already tired and we are asking you to do exercise, studies show that when you exercise, the blood and oxygen level increases in your body. This results in providing you with more energy and lifting your mood as well.

Can optimism increase your life span?

Multiple studies prove that being optimistic has resulted in lesser death from illnesses like cancer, infections, and strokes. Moreover, optimistic people have 40% lower risk of acquiring heart diseases than a pessimist. Hence, always be positive and live longer.

Where are more than half of our bones located?

When a person is born, one has 300 bones, and as we grow our bones fuse into 206. When we look at our body, one may wonder, where most of the bones are located in our body. To answer that, 106 bones out of 206 bones are located in the hand and feet area. Our hands and feet are made with 51% of our bones. Moreover, the bones in the hand area are most fragile, as they tend to break more easily. Statistics reveal that hand-bones injuries make up almost half of the bone injuries in humans.

What is your sweat made up of?

Sweating is irritating and smelly. We often wonder why is there so much smell in the sweat and what is it made of. Human sweat consists of 99% water. How much we sweat depends on various reasons, including age, gender, etc.