Snapchat streak lost? Well, nothing to worry about. Here’s a small guide on how to get a Snapchat streak back.

But first, let us tell you about some Snapchat basics. When you log in to your Snapchat profile, you see a glowing red symbol of fire. Well, that means you and your friend are doing great with the streaks. If you continue sending streaks religiously, you will for sure never break it.

However, sometimes when you simultaneously run multiple streaks with several friends, you cannot keep track of your streak timings. At last, you end up breaking it. But don’t panic. We know how to get a streak back on Snapchat. Keep on reading to recover your broken streaks. 

Also, the snap chat will make you learn what the fire emoji exactly means so that next time, you won’t lose your streak. 

How to get a Snapchat Streak back

Fortunately, Snapchat is designed in a way that it recognizes its dedicated users, which is a good thing. Thereby, it has numerous ways to help its user base get back or restore their broken streaks. 

However, for that to happen, you need to send a request to Snapchat. 

Things you need to know when your Snapchat streak is lost

Before we dive into the details, here are a few things that you need to know. First of all, Snapchat doesn’t regularly cater to such requests, so be mindful that if you make it a habit, your chances of request acceptance will decrease. Moreover, the company will doubt you and will barely fall for it. You might find them doing this favor once in a long time, and it mostly depends on how they feel about your profile and usability.

Secondly, it may not work for several streaks. If you have a broken streak with a lot of your friends, you cannot submit all in the restore request. In fact, per application, they will allow you to submit a streak with just one person. So, be clever and make the highest streak your top priority, even if that means you are cheating on your best friend. 

Steps to get your Snapchat streak back:

  • Head to snap chat support
  •  Among a list of possible problems, tap on “My snap streaks disappeared” 
  • A contact form will pop up with streak details
  • Fill out all the basic information required, including mobile number, device, username)
  • Fill out the streak specific details (add many as you can)
  • Next, you have to fill out the number of days for which the streak lasted (if you don’t remember, get help from your friend)
  • However, if both of you can’t remember the exact number, you can tick the approximate option.

It would be quite useful if you remember the exact days of your streak. However, if you have faced this issue after installing the new updates, you can also mention that.

Next, it will ask you whether you saw the hourglass emoji or not; it’s good to keep it clear and true. Tell them exactly what happened. Snapchat will determine how to cater to your request.