Due to the pandemic of covid-19, millions of Americans celebrated Independence Day differently. Some people opted for virtual celebration while others went out. A large number of people canceled their plans owing to the coronavirus pandemic.

The government has appealed to the people that crowded places and gatherings can expose them to the virus. It has already been witnessed on the U.S Memorial Day weekend gatherings that lead to a significant spike in the cases. Therefore, the U.S government has appealed to the public to follow the rules during the pandemic.

In recent weeks, there are record-breaking new cases in the U.S. of coronavirus. Therefore, nearly half of the majority of States have stopped their reopening plans for weekends and holidays.

Some celebrated July 4th virtually Particularly the youth of American state cities and leaders of states are the main part of gatherings and reason for new cases of coronavirus.

New research advises people as a precaution to wear masks to avoid the spread of infection. At least 19 of the states listened to the research’s advice and made masks compulsory to wear.

Nearly 148000 deaths from coronavirus have been reported at the end of the month by American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Johns Hopkins University exclaimed that at least 129,718 Americans have died. More than 2.8 million people have been infected by coronavirus as they did not follow the precautions.

On Saturday, crowd packs traveled towards Virginia Beach shores with a huge amount of gathering. Even after the government appeal and that the city canceled the fireworks to keep Virginia Beach safe, tens of thousands of people visited Virginia Beach.

After seeing the behavior of the people, the government has decided to close the bars and beaches for the weekend.