Doctor Strange is back again – Goblin joins Peter Parker in the new release Spiderman 3

Finally, after several months of wait, rumors, and fake promos, the Spider-Man 3: No Way Home’s trailer is here. The Marvel Cinematic Universe in this third movie of Tom Holland exploded the multiverse. And yes, that’s Goblin (Alfred Molina) in the last scene. After 2004, it is the first time that he appears again in a Spider-Man movie. And is that a hint of Sandman, the lizard, and Electro also?

The trailer below features Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange. He appears as a Mentor of Peter Parker and throws an ill-advised spell at MCU. 

The trailer does not include Jamie Fox, who allegedly reprised his role as Electro from the movies where Andrew Garfield was cast as Spider-Man. Even though there’s no room for any other Spider-Man other than Tom Holland in the trailer, Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire may have been featured in this Multiverse version of the spiderman – confirmed by JB Smoove, the co-star in the Spider-Man series.

Spider-Man 3 trailer released

The trailer shows Peter struggling with his 2019 fall out Spider-Man – Far From Home where the world comes across his secret Spidey identity. When he turns to Doctor Strange, who casts a spell that deletes everybody’s memory: things don’t go as per plan, and the madness of the multiverse is unleashed. 

“We manipulated the stability of space-time”, Doctor Strange to Peter. The multiverse is a concept about which we know frighteningly little.”

The trailer also shows Peter experiencing the triple witchcraft and astral plane that sees the whole city leveling to the ground. Spoiler alert”, how did Otto Octavius, also called Doc Ock, make his way back after being killed by his mechanical tentacles? Not just that, the trailer shows a green bomb that Goblin uses similar to the one he used in the early Maguire’s Spider-Man series in 2002. 

After Homecoming spider man released in 2017 and Far from home in 2019, the third release in the Spidey series has been rumored to be experiencing a crossover with old versions in the friendly neighborhood of Marvel.

The sources confirmed that the movie is arriving this Christmas and hitting the Cinemas on December 17, 2021.