Humans have been facing racism for a long time, and even in recent times, it is being highlighted. Today when people have an extensive exposure of the social issues, no place on earth remains unaware of the filth that has been accumulating for ages.

Unfortunately, we still find the black sheep among us. Somewhere we always find differentiation based on color, creed, and caste.

Considering this, the chief executive of Sporting Equals, Arun Kang, has recently made his request on the governmental level. He has made his point clear by putting the board officials in the front.

To tackle racism, Sports organizations should have ‘20% BAME board members

With exact figures, he explained that black people constitute only 3% of the governing units at the national level. It shows the dominancy of white people.

The unfair dominancy is causing insoluble problems for mankind, and specifically the management authorities. Therefore, the sporting organizations have highlighted the point to introduce BAME in their boarding system as the minorities feel deprived of being represented by someone on the official level.

Recently, a bundle of positive content has been seen from the side of sporting clubs. For instance, the symbolic gestures we all saw from the football club in the matches of Premier League.

We saw a short film recording the message, and in the matches, the acts of respect were practiced. But according to Sporting Equals, the biased attitude of organizations rules over the positivity they try to spread.

Therefore, these statements should be taken into account more seriously and should be put into some practical steps.

95% of the official members of sporting clubs specifically are white people. In such a situation, how can anyone expect the minorities to get what they want? For this purpose in less than six months, a lot of black people and Asians were tested to join the board.

Some of them came with the best management skills, but a few were subjected to improvement. On this note, people asked about their experiences. Most of them in the sporting sites did not share good views about being treated differently.

Therefore, the need is to equate the system because human nature assigns different views for both races. But at the practical and organizational level, these differences need to be eliminated.