Netflix’s recent biggest hit, South Korean fatal series ‘Squid Game,’ is now boasting to acquire the title of biggest series at the streaming giant taking away the record from ‘Bridgerton’.

The blockbuster show is about a group of debtors who participate in a children’s game to complete challenges and have the life-changing reward of a cash prize. The Korean show had managed to draw almost 111 million viewers from its first release on September 17, 2021 – Netflix shared the statistics on Twitter.

By stating on Twitter, Netflix allegedly claims that Bridgerton, which managed to collect 82 million views in 28 days, has now been beaten by the new Korean Series within just 15 days, setting another milestone for a series to reach.

However, Netflix is counting the views of anyone who switched to the series to watch for just two minutes. This means that the count doesn’t show the number of viewers who completed the whole series with 9 disturbing episodes.

When Netflix made the announcement of such record-breaking news, it shared a 45-second video of the character of the series ‘Henchman’ who shared his heartiest gratitude to the viewers to show this much love towards the series “a heartfelt thanks to you all.”

Henchman says in Korean “111 million of you have joined the ranks of the VIPs, making ‘Squid Game’ our #1 show in the world,”

‘Squid Game’ is the first-ever Korean Series to hit the streaming giant at the top in the United States Netflix top 10 suggestions. Netflix added that not only in the US, but the series is also currently leading the top 10 blockbusters in 94 countries gathering global fame.