The Netflix favorite of the year, 2021 Squid Game’s supremacy is not in a mood to settle down somewhere. Now it is swaying with the collaboration of cryptocurrency.

An authentic news partner, CNBC broke the news on Thursday October 28, 2021 that Squid Game has gotten a name after cryptocurrency – Squid game cryptocurrency. Where the term ‘Squid’ itself is trading at $4.32 and has been raised to 2,400% from the last few days. According to the reports shared on the internet, the term has a market share of $174 million, which is huge.

And why has this drastic change been seen at first? Because, the developers became inspired by the children’s games in the series, leading them to make a digital platform to play the game using the cryptocurrency – Squid.

But once an investor has bought these Squid tokens, they cannot be resold. This is where Squid has been criticized on most of the platforms.

Squid game cryptocurrency is a token known to use for playing an online game where on reaching the required level, you would earn more tokens. However, they can be exchanged for fiat money or to buy other cryptocurrencies.

According to the white paper report,  Squid token presale began on October 20th and sold in just a second. To get an entry in the game, a Squid 10% fee will be charged, which is estimated to help the developers and the team behind the pool.

“The more people join, the larger the reward pool will be,” according to the white paper. “More importantly, we do not provide deadly consequences apparently! Your experience will only reflect on the joy of winning rewards and sorrow of losing money when the game fails,” the white paper adds. The dystopian nine-episode series which tells the stories of people forced to take fatal challenges for money – has now taken over the world one more time.