Stacey Plaskett, a Democrat from the Virgin Islands, has become the first non-voting House delegate to argue during the second impeachment trial of the former President Donald Trump.

She argued against Trump for his alleged role in the Capitol Siege on January 6, and believed that the ex-President must be barred from running for the President again.

She further added that Trump’s actions on that day were no secret, and the rioters were following his orders.

Stacey Plaskett is serving as an impeachment manager. She belongs to the Virgin Islands which do not have voting rights in the House. She is the only black woman in the chamber.

Plaskett exclaimed that Donald Trump was responsible for triggering violence. He instigated the crowd and directed the rioters to siege the Capitol and cause unrest. She also read extracts from Trump’s speech on different occasions when he tried to fuel violence.

Concluding her argument, she exclaimed that the former President should be held accountable for his deeds and must be convicted. Such an action would make Trump disqualified for running again for the 2024 Presidential elections.

Donald Trump’s legal team has claimed that he had nothing to do with the deadly attack on the Capitol Building that left five people dead. They further added that if Democrats want a transparent trial then they should wait for the investigation.

They said that Democrats want Trump’s impeachment as they fear that Trump would run again for the next Presidential elections.

Trump was first impeached in December 2019 for abuse of power, and now he is accused of instigating riots and his role in the Capitol unrest on January 6.

The Democrats require a two-thirds majority to convict former president Trump, however, many analysts hold the point of view that this is not possible, because Democrats would need at least 17 Republicans to vote in favor of Trump’s impeachment.

If convicted, Trump would not only become ineligible from running again for the top position, but would also have to face various lawsuits related to property damage, and killing of people.