Liberia – 29 people lost their lives in a deadly stampede at a religious event in the capital city, Monrovia.

According to the reports, 29 people lost their lives including a pregnant woman and 11 children during a stampede at a Christian ceremony in an overpopulated area of Monrovia.

As per the officials, the stampede erupted amongst the worshippers when a group of thugs attacked the ceremony with ammunition and knives. Hundreds were attending the ceremony which took place around 9 pm on Wednesday,

Police spokesperson Moses Carter stated that one man has been arrested in connection with the stampede.

Moses Carter stated that the number of deaths is initial and he doubts that the number of deaths “may increase.”

“Details about the event remain unclear. Local media said it was a Christian prayer gathering — known in Liberia as a “crusade” — held in a football field.”

Emmanuel Gray, a 26-year-old eyewitness stated that he heard a “heavy noise” and minutes later all he could see was dead bodies around him.

The bodies of the deceased worshippers were transferred to the morgue of redemption hospital, which was the closest to the area where the incident took place near New Kru town.

These street gangsters have become overly menace in Monrovia as well as other cities of Liberia in recent times.

The President of Liberia, George Weah will be visiting the scene of the stampede this Thursday.  Liberia is one of the oldest republics of Africa. It is a country that had experienced civil wars back-to-back from 1989 to 2003 and went through troublesome times during the Ebola epidemic breakout in South Africa from 2014 to 2016.