Despite the smooth vaccination rollout, the number of coronavirus cases has been increasing rapidly. The sharp increase in numbers has prompted the State Department to issue stricter policies for several countries and coax U.S citizens to not travel to foreign lands unless need be. This decision by the department is said to be a better representation of health guidelines.

A statement that was released by the State Department suggests that coronavirus is still a looming danger that continues to threaten the health of travelers. The risks are innumerable, due to which it appeals to the residents to “reconsider travel abroad.To further reinforce the concept, they have decided to revise travel advisories so they remain as per the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention’s travel announcements, which ardently urge residents to avoid foreign travel.

At present, the State Department only has a few basic travel advisories in play under “Level 3.” These guidelines are concentrated on asking citizens to reassess their decision to travel abroad. From now on, nearly 80% of countries will accept a “Level 4” advisory; this will not allow them to travel even if they wish to do so. As declared by the State Department itself, these policies are being strengthened to remain in line with CDC’s “existing epidemiological assessments.” However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the health conditions are being readdressed, announced the department.

Besides, the statement also stated that they will continuously observe the conditions around them and make changes according to the strength and spread of the prevailing coronavirus. The State Department is not expected to maintain this decision for a very long time. French President Emmanuel Macron has declared that Biden and his government are in talks to reopen travel permanently if the number of coronavirus cases comes under control. Macron also mentioned that France will lift restrictions posed on American travelers step by step from May.