Stefanie Gurzanski – the name which is rapidly becoming famous across various social media platforms due to the rapid appearance of page 3 news, and juicy gossip. She has been in news recently because of her infamous breakup with a politician and a business mogul and later on, she sued him with the charges of the alleged rape.

Who is Stefanie Gurzanski?

Stefanie Gurzanski is a Canadian-born influencer who rose to new horizons of fame after being associated with the famous website OnlyFans.

She started her career as a model while she was still studying in high school at the tender age of 17. She earned a lot of followers on her Instagram handle because of her racy photoshoots and bold pictures. She has worked with a lot of top magazines but the turning point of her career came in 2017 when she decided to become a playmate.

Stefanie Gurzanski is a 26 years old model who has lived all her life in Canada and completed her education in her home country as well.

Her birthdate is 24th December 1994. The top magazine Playboy opened up many gates in the entertainment world, as she landed herself projects with big names of the industry such as Elle, Maxim, and Vogue.

Gurzanski is said to be a gym freak and is always conscious about her regime and health routine. She has been a vegan since the early months of 2019 and eats only an exclusive gluten-free diet.

The sought-after model has green eyes and is known for her long brown tresses. At the height of 5 feet 5 inches, her body measures are 34-25-35 inches which can sweep anybody any time.

Stefanie Gurzanski became an internet sensation after she became a top-notch model at the famous OnlyFans website. She is one of the top models who have largely paid subscribers to view the exclusive explicit content she shares on the platform.

Gurzanski has over 2 million fans who follow her every move on Instagram and TikTok. Her bold pictures and small excerpts from her life gain a lot of attention from her followers across the globe.

Gurzanski keeps on sharing her day-to-today life with her followers by sharing her professional pictures and details and also interacts with the audience through live sessions. She keeps her page updated with the exciting life that she leads. As she once stated, “I stay motivated by staying true to myself and working consistently to keep evolving in my career.”

In this cut-throat environment of the female modeling industry, Stefanie knows how to remain on the top and that is by staying fabulous and glamorous, likewise keeping her fans involved with her daily life.

Popularity and Net Worth:

Stefanie Gurzanski is one of the topmost influencers in Canada. She is a very popular face both on TikTok and on Instagram in the country. She is considered as one of the major influencers of Canada who has great content and inspires the youth to a mass level and to top it off she knows extremely well that she is popular.

Gurzanski once stated that “I love that I can be a positive influence for others. My opinions and views can help cause positive change and I’d love to be able to do more of that.” She knows that she holds tremendous responsibility on her shoulders and she is determined to use her fame in the right direction.

The top Canadian model said, “I love being in front of the camera as that’s when I feel the most alive.” This is the mere reason that not a single picture of the model goes unnoticed. The positivity that is vibrant from her face and posture makes people jump and notice it immediately.

The top model at OnlyFans is supposed to have a net worth of approximately $3-4 million and according to the reports, much of this wealth came from the adult website only fans where she is fondly referred to as Big G.

The Controversies and Rose to fame!

In recent months, Stefanie Gurzanski has been in the news back to back and for all the wrong reasons. She broke up with her business tycoon boyfriend but it became an ugly legal battle as both parties sued each other and spilled all their dirty laundry in public.

The recent controversy and legal battle with her ex-boyfriend Stephen Cloobeck raised her to fame and she became a household name. The ongoing legal battle keeps on changing courses as both sides are not slowing down and are completely charged up to prove the other party guilty.

Stefanie Gurzanski & Stephen Cloobeck

Stephen Cloobeck is a business tycoon and a multi-millionaire who came into the spotlight after Stefanie Gurzanski filed a lawsuit against him claiming that he allegedly sexually assaulted her on the first meeting and later on showered her with expensive gifts in order to keep her mouth shut.

Stefanie Gurzanski and Stephen Cloobeck dated for more than 5 months but their relationship was under public scrutiny from the very beginning.

According to Stefanie Gurzanski lawsuit, Cloobeck allegedly sexually assaulted her at the first meeting which took place at the multi-millionaire place. She stated that later on Cloobeck called her and offered to go for a ride where he gifted her Louboutin shoes worth $70,000 on Rodeo Drive in order to keep her silence and “peace offering”.

 The model claimed a $16 million lawsuit against Stephen Cloobeck over defamation and sexual assault. The ugly battle became messy to the core when Cloobeck filed a counter-legal lawsuit against the model for swindling and extorting hefty amounts and expensive gifts from him.

Stephen Cloobeck who is a 59 years old business tycoon hailing from Las Vegas sued the OnlyFans model with serious allegations of stripping off expensive gifts and hefty price tag shopping during their relationship of 5 months.

The lawsuit claimed Gurzanski used the Beverly Hills mansion of the business tycoon as well as his private jet for her personal photoshoots.

Stefanie Gurzanski withdraws sex assault claim against Mogul

The OnlyFans star who previously sued her boyfriend claiming that he sexually assaulted her seems to have withdrawn from the case of an abuse allegation.

According to sources, it was revealed that Stephen Cloobeck charged Stefanie, who is known on her XXX-rated account as Baby G. She claimed that she had conned him into thinking that she was the perfect model so that he would be buying her more gifts and trips.

 But she denied all such claims The model who nearly has more than 2 million followers on the kinky website counter the claim that he kept on forcing for having oral sex on the first time they both met the lunch at the Beverly Hills in July 2020. However, she took back the claim, and apparently she had a change of heart. The main attorneys of model have also filed an amended complaint and submitted it to the California Supreme Court that takes out all assault charges

The previous claims on the boyfriend were that he had a manager who brought about the succession of shoes that, “both Cloobeck and Ms. Gurzanski would then look at the store manager’s offerings and respond ‘yes’ or ‘no’.” “In the end Cloobeck … purchased and gifted approximately $70,000 worth of shoes to Ms. Gurzanski,” it said.

On the other hand, the new filing of the complaint reads that, “Cloobeck did perform oral sex on her at their first meeting, but now it doesn’t say that it was without her consent.”

The revised lawsuit is not going after Cloobeck who was previously dumped by Gurzanski after 5 months in case of defamation and posting her private pictures and conversations online. She also claimed in the court papers that, “Cloobeck defamed her by writing a letter to her apartment building manager after the relationship fell apart falsely claiming that she is ‘an illegal sex worker’.”

Cloobeck’s attorney, Patricia Glaser, said in a statement, “In light… and Ms. Gurzanski’s heavily revised and gutted cross-complaint, we expect to be fully vindicated in court.”

Her previous lawsuit was referred to as a bullying tactic by Baren. He further added that,

‘He is committed to ruining her life. He made that clear in his earlier texts. This is all part of him executing that plan,’ he told news sources.

‘The additional copyright suit that Cloobeck has filed as part of this continuing harassment of Stefanie, her friends, her family, her business associates, anyone that has anything to do with Stefanie.