One of the co-founders of the project Steve Schmidt has resigned from the Board of Directors of the Lincoln Project in the wake of scandals against the anti-Trump PAC. He was also accused of fumbling harassment allegations against another co-founder, John Weaver.

The Lincoln Project was founded in 2019 against former President Donald Trump to prevent his reelection. Right after its inception, the project was hailed as one of the best-funded groups, leading the ‘Never Trump’ Movement. The project is currently headed by four board members.

John Weaver has been known to actively participate in presidential campaigns. After the allegations surfaced, Weaver took medical leave first and then, later on, revealed that he won’t come back to work.

The Board of Directors of the Lincoln Project has announced the investigation into the matter.

The organization’s leaders were previously notified in writing of at least 10 specific allegations of sexual harassment against Weaver, including two related to Lincoln Project employees.

The members of the board were shocked to learn about the details of the allegations.

Only an external investigation can review Weaver’s actions and establish accountability and set the path of best practices for the Lincoln Project.

Steve Schmidt has claimed that he was unaware of Weaver’s actions. On the other hand, Weaver has acknowledged the misconduct and has since, apologized.

The Lincoln Project is also facing legal problems after the reports emerged regarding private message leaks from Jennifer Horn, another co-founder of the organization. who has also resigned amid the Weaver scandal?

The scandal threatens the position of the Lincoln Project and the broader movement of traditional conservatives who want the party to cut ties with Trump.

Since the Presidential Elections, the project has seen the departure of several prominent figures, including George Conway, Ron Steslow, and Mike Madrid.

However, the latest development has cleared space for new members to join this conservative group of Republicans.