Live event workers protested in one of Lisbon’s main squares on Tuesday night. They demanded that the country’s government should aid them in such difficult times.

Coronavirus outbreak in 2020 has become the reason for financial losses everywhere in the world. Hundreds and thousands of live events have been canceled due to the new normal which includes social distancing. Due to this, event managers and workers have started to suffer.

Sound technicians, photographers, light men, audio engineers, stage managers, and even performers are struggling financially. As events are not happening, there is no way for them to earn money.

On Tuesday’s protest in Lisbon, a lightning Technician said that the live events industry is in deep crisis. He further said that live events were the first sector that got closed when the pandemic hit the world. It will also be the last to open once things get better. He stated that everyone needed money to survive and right now they need the government’s support.

Live-Event Workers Protest to Save Pandemic-Hit Sector in PortugalThe protest was very peaceful with reasonable demands. The demands included government aid, support, and work. According to Salvador Sequeira, the director of an events company, things are not looking positive so far. He said that people working in the sector are going through a hard time.

The Portuguese Association of Technical Services for events also supported the protests and said that the government must support the events industry right now. Many companies have lost their revenues by up to 80 percent.

The events industry sector has struggled to win government support for a very long time. Now it needs the support more than ever.