The world is easing up on lockdown measures as countries are trying to revive their economies, but if you think that the pandemic is over, think again. According to a study published by the Australian Centre for Disease Preparedness in Virology Journal, COVID-19 can stay alive and active for 28 days on various objects including banknotes, mobile phone screens, door handles, glass, and plastic currency. As per the study, the virus can survive on different objects at room temperature.

It has also been revealed in the research that the virus can survive in colder conditions more easily and that too for a longer period of time, thus it would become more difficult to control the virus in winters. If the temperature reaches 104 degrees Fahrenheit or above, then it shortens the survival time of the virus to one day or less, the researchers claimed.

Mobile phone screens are not cleaned regularly like hands, which allow the virus to survive in unexpected places. Similarly, the research also mentioned that there’s a high probability of people contracting the virus from surfaces that come in physical contact with people more frequently like bank ATMs or checkout points in supermarkets.

A study claims that COVID-19 survives 28 days on money, ATM screens, & mobile phonesThe virus transmission takes place when a person comes in contact with an infected person or contaminated surfaces, which is a major factor that leads to virus transmission.

It has been noted by the researchers that the survival time of viruses on certain surfaces mainly banknotes is of high importance when compared with seasonal flu because the currency circulates more frequently and increases the chances of virus transmission to various locations.

The study estimated that a flu virus can live on such surfaces for around 17 days, which if compared with the novel coronavirus is relatively high.

Since the virus is not yet over, we advise our readers to follow the SOPs recommended by WHO and CDC to prevent the second wave from emerging.