The rally of Sturgis Motorcycle expects 1/4 million people in August to come to a densely settled town in South Dakota, which would be considered the largest gathering so far as per a survey.

Almost 250,000 people are expected during a session from 7 August to 16 August, which is approximately half the amount of individuals who usually attend Sturgis and tour in the western parts of the country.

While only 165 fatalities due to the virus were confirmed in South Dakota up to now, people are worried that this may lead to the virus spreading and causing another wave.

In recent months, there has been a controversy among people who want to cancel this rally and companies insist that they need a race to earn. A recently conducted poll of residents has shown that over 60% agree that the rally should be canceled to avoid the spread of the virus.

In recent years, attendees have invested nearly $800 million and corporations who focus on the rally consider the rally as an incentive to make up for the losses they faced during the epidemic.

Sturgis rally stirring coronavirus concerns

The tourist industry’s pressure as well as the officials’ awareness that individuals from out of stations would be coming to Sturgis, pressured the city to introduce a scaled-back edition of the festival.

For the 80th edition of the rally, the officials canceled holding events in the city and cut advertisements. Multiple prevention steps undertaken would include public sanitation stations for hands in the area downtown and sanitation of streets at night.

There will also be coronavirus tests to ensure the safety of the residents and upcoming people in Sturgis.

Jerry Cole, who manages the rallies in the city, stated that at least 250,000 individuals are expected to participate. Others suggest there could be many more people.