Olympic gold medalist in gymnastics, Suni Lee who is also contesting in one of America’s favorite shows, Dancing With The Stars, is being applauded for not leaving her performance despite being sick.

Suni Lee rocked the stage with her paso doble moves along with her partner. However, she had to rush off the stage as soon as she completed her performance.

“Suni is not feeling so good,” Tyra Banks, the host of DWTS tried to handle the situation. She further added, “Not COVID! Not covid at all! But she’s not feeling well so she danced sick and she had to leave. But she’s OK!”

Hours ago, before her performance, Lee tweeted about her not being well, “Hey guys ! not feeling my best tonight but I will still be dancing for queen night! Make sure you guys vote for me and sash! each week is getting scarier & intense !!❤️ love you all.”

Regardless, the sportswoman performed her act till the final move. Judges were also impressed by Lee’s dedication towards her commitment and applauded her for her strength and power along with three 8s and a 9 on the scoreboard.

“Oh, you did so well, honey. In spite of not feeling well, you rocked that paso doble. I don’t know where you are. Sharp! It was fantastic!” judge Bruno Tonioli praised Lee.

Once after getting better, Lee returned for relay dances, which excited the fans. However, the show’s host, Tyra Banks, was slammed by the fans for embarrassing Lee during the live show.

The moment Suni came back for the show, Banks put up an embarrassing question, “Suni, I got to ask you. I know you’ve been struggling all day and, like, dude is like, you’re throwing up. This is live TV and you ran off!”

This week was particularly important for Lee because last week she was on the verge of elimination in the show after landing herself into the bottom two.

The gutsy gymnast came back for her second performance on “We are the champions” sporting red lipstick and all the courage to take over the dance floor.

The power-packed performance of the athlete left everyone awestruck and she comfortably progressed into the next week of the show.