A gastrointestinal disorder has infected almost 200 passengers, taking the number to 475 on a cruise ship Royal Caribbean.

On Thursday, Royal Caribbean registered 277 sick passengers and crew, but on Friday the number increased. Due to the outbreak, the cruise will be taking an early leave to Port Canaveral located in Florida on Saturday.

The representative of the Royal Caribbean addressed the passengers’ concerns regarding the cruise ticket cost and ensured everyone that it would be refunded. The spokesperson also mentioned that getting the passenger back home safely is their top priority currently.

On Sunday, the cruise started on a 7-night voyage, the route consisted of the stops such as Haiti, Jamaica, and Mexico.

The ship passenger, Cody Haddap, spoke on Wednesday and said that he was ill after the boat was leaving Haiti on Tuesday. Cody mentioned that he started feeling ill soon after they left and have been locked in their rooms since. There are chances that the illness may be related to Norovirus disease.

Royal Caribbean Representatives stated they are waiting for lab outcomes to see whether the condition is Norovirus, the most frequent cause in the United States of acute gastroenteritis.

In 2018, 11 cases of gastrointestinal diseases were found on onboard cruise ships with five being Norovirus. As per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Royal Caribbean’s latest epidemic on Freedom of the Seas was in 2017.

Cody also mentioned that the passengers were not permitted to exit the ship as they reached Jamaica.

The Oasis of the Seas is among the latest shipping firms in the Royal Caribbean fleet and can contain a population of over 8000.

Brenda Torres, another deck passenger, also shared her experience of the short cruise trip, saying that the cruise staff was disinfecting all the common places and each touch point, such as doorknobs.

Royal Caribbean plans to sterilize the boat fully in the schedule for the next trip to ensure safe travel.