Suzanne Morphew, a woman from Colorado, had mysteriously disappeared over the Mother’s Day weekend last year. Almost a year later, her husband has been charged with murder in connection with Morphew’s sudden disappearance and alleged death.

Barry Morphew was taken into custody on Wednesday and has subsequently been charged with first-degree murder, excessive tampering with evidence, and an attempt to influence a public servant said the authorities. According to officials, he is currently held at the Chaffee County Detention Facility without bond and is expected to have his first hearing in the early hours of Thursday.

Although Suzanne Morphew’s body is yet to be located, Chaffee County Sheriff, John Spezza has suggested that she died a year back. In a news conference on Wednesday, Spezza declared how it’s “not a day for celebration.”

Instead, it is just the beginning of a “difficult yet important journey” as an extensive investigation will be conducted to seek justice for Suzanne and her loved ones. Spezze went on to extend his appreciation for the FBI and office of 11th Judicial District Attorney Linda Stanley for playing an instrumental role in cracking the case a year after Morphew went missing.

Stanley further stated how the investigation is ongoing and that Suzanne Morphew’s remains have not been found. Her office would be taking the lead in the investigation but further details of the case will not be disclosed to the general public.

A lot of questions are left hanging in the air as the arrest affidavit of the missing woman’s husband will remain sealed. Stanley simply declared that the case of Morphew is still an open investigation and a discussion on an active probe is against the law.

When Suzanne Morphew’s sister-in-law was contacted, she refused to comment on the situation, citing it as a “private family matter.” On the contrary, Morphew’s sister, Melinda Moorman was delighted when she heard the news, saying “Today, justice is beginning for my sister.”

Initially, the disappearance of Morphew was reported by a neighbor on the auspicious occasion of Mother’s Day last year. With the information elicited by the authorities, it was believed that the 49-year-old woman had left for a bike ride and never returned.

Just a week after Suzanne Morphew’s disappearance, her husband, the accused, posted a heart-wrenching clip on Facebook begging for whoever abducted Suzanne to bring her back. “Honey, I love you, I want you back so bad,” said the grief-stricken Barry in the video.

Barry Morphew is expected to be a part of a court hearing this Thursday. Until then, the investigation is open and ongoing.