The 41st season of the competition television series, Survivor, is in the news after contestant Sydney Segal got eliminated due to a controversial twist in the rules. On Wednesday, November 3, the TV star got voted out by becoming ‘unfortunate collateral’, in a wild twist.

Sydney Segal is a 26-year-old law student on the show, who has given multiple mixed interviews ever since her departure from the show. In an interview with CBS, she talked about how she enjoyed her time on the show saying, “There’s good and bad, but I think the good definitely outweighs the bad. I had a great time, I came in like, very, very scared. Honestly, I applied for The Amazing Race originally but when I heard about Survivor I was like how could I not do it.”

Meanwhile, in other interviews, Sydney Segal was all praises but criticized the hourglass twist that got her eliminated. In an interview with Us Weekly, she said, “The only way they could’ve gotten me out was with, like, 15 advantages and a twist, that’s like the stupidest s—t ever. So yeah, that’s sick. I wasn’t outwitted, outlasted, outplayed. I was out f—king lucked.”

She also continued to say that she has no hard feelings towards Erika Casupanan on the show, who was the one behind the hourglass twist.

“I just think the whole point of the advantage was to get out a strong player because that challenge was meant to be won by strong players. And then that twist was meant to get a strong player out, and congrats, CBS, it worked.” added Sydney Segal, “And now your ratings are gonna f—king plummet because your big personality is gone.”

In her interview with CBS’s Matt Weiss, she said, “It’s like definitely one side of me that I enjoyed and I hope to do it again.” Going on a more confident tangent she answered a question with, “Seeing myself on TV and to have America seeing me, it was just such an honor for America. It was a gift for America from CBS for them to get to know me, so it was great. But then also on a more selfless off-brand note, I loved it for my family, I loved it for my friends, I loved it for friends of friends.”