A tattoo is something that is going to stay with you forever and it’s necessary to take care of it. Using a protective ointment that is free of irritating chemicals holds a lot of importance since it makes the healing process easier.

Using the right kind of product makes the process slow but it’s for the best since you don’t want to rush it in this case.

What lotion to use on a tattoo?

The kind of product that might work for you could be different for someone else, but having a lotion that is non-fragrant and does not contain additives is a good option. All kinds of acids and retinol can irritate and should be avoided.

You should use milder soaps to avoid allergic reactions in the area covered with a tattoo. During the initial days, try using thicker lotions but apply a thin layer to allow your skin to breathe and heal.

Coconut oil also works well because of its anti-inflammatory nature and is a natural analgesic. Ointments used for diaper rashes, petroleum jelly, healing ointments, and specific balms for tattoo aftercare all can work for you.

After the initial phase, when your tattoo starts healing, start using gentle moisturizers which can include baby lotions since they are very gentle, but another key point here is to use the ones without fragrance.

One of the specifics you can look for is Bepanthen Lotion, which has a soothing formula and allows the skin to breathe. Vitamin B5 also helps the skin recover naturally.

Avene Cicalfate is another very mild skincare formula that is anti-bacterial and leaves the skin soft. La Roche Posay is a high-end skincare brand and its SP50 works well in providing sun protection to the area.

The all-natural Amazonian Savior Balm from The Body Shop helps keep the area protected and hydrated and very light on the pocket as well. CeraVe has a moisturizing cream that provides a healthy barrier between the tatted skin and the external environment.

You should also consult your tattoo artist or a dermatologist since what works for one person would not necessarily work for you as well.