To meet a nine-year-old street drummer just days before his death, Taylor Hawkins was enticed out of his hotel room in Paraguay by the sound of beating drums.

Nexstar reports that Emma Sofia and Julius Peralta, her father, got tickets to attend the Asunciónico Festival on March 22, but the concert was canceled due to extreme floods.

Asuncion’s Sheraton hotel was the next stop for the Foo Fighters’ fans.

“We took her drum kit and went,” Peralta reportedly said.

Sofa banged the skins as numerous fans sang along to the band’s “The Pretender” and Nirvana’s “In Bloom,” resulting in viral singalongs.

Taylor Hawkins was ultimately dragged out of the hotel by the spontaneous jam session to find the persistent and brilliant young percussionist.

Dozens of spectators were in the background as the late drummer stood with his stunned student for a now-viral image.

Photo captioned in English by Peralta: “Dreams come true.”

“Since my daughter found out that the Foo Fighters were coming, she started a campaign to meet them,” he wrote in Spanish. “Today we took her drums to play in front of the Sheraton and look who came out at her call.”

In a Columbia hotel room, Hawkins was discovered dead three days later at the age of 50, possibly because of drugs.