After the incident that took over as a revolution around the world. The death of George Floyd acted as a symbol of the abolition of racism from societies around the world. Many countries rose against injustice and took out protests.

To ensure that such matters are taken the case in the cyber world, many popular social media websites have started to actively examine hate speech using the internet. From hate comments to hashtags, all of the matters are under serious consideration.

Among such platforms Facebook also stood up for the cause. The CEO of Facebook announced that sessions will be launched by the name of Lift Black Voices. Here people will be allowed to see and hear the voices of the black activists.

Real change or symbolism What Silicon Valley is and isn't – doing to support Black Lives MatterDonation and fundraisers will be conducted for such organizations that specialize in raising voices against racial injustice. Facebook itself has donated an amount of 200 million dollars in support of the Black communities.

Mark Zuckerberg also announced that he will raise the number of black employees by the year 2023. Recognition in leadership positions will also be provided to them.

Steps have also been taken on the social media website to ensure the removal of all such content that includes hate or racism.

Another very popular social platform, Twitter, which comprises of millions of users started their contribution to the matter. The popular website changed the colors of its logo to black to represent the black community and to show that they stand with them. A hashtag of #BlackLivesMatter was also introduced to show allegiance to the community.

Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter, donated a huge amount of 1 billion dollars for the cause. The website also has taken many steps apart from donations. They have removed all the hate content from the website. Twitter has donated huge amounts of 2.6 million dollars to showcase advertisements defining the cause and ran them free on their website.

They also tackled the tweet. When the president posted a tweet related to the protestors of George Floyd, Twitter added a warning label at the US President’s tweet to not showcase content that glorifies violence.