To say that technology news for kids is evolving rapidly would be an understatement. This domain is growing extremely fast as it empowers children, gives them topics for social interaction, helps them solve problems, and makes them independent. In this write-up, you can expect to learn the latest technological developments for kids and also learn what can be expected in the coming year.

Let’s take a look at the best and trending technology news for kids:

1. Hear Sound without Your Ears

An Israeli company called Noveto Systems has created a technology that will send sounds directly to your head. Yes, that means you won’t have to use your ears. The sounds/music will be sent directly to your head. The tech is being called the SoundBeamer 1.0 and it is said to be using 3D technology that makes you feel as if you can hear the sound in your ears, behind them, and in front of them at the same time.

Developers expect that this technology news for kids will mean a lot of applications like being able to listen to sounds and music without disrupting other individuals. This also means no headphones. Now that means you can concentrate on other sounds as well and won’t be cut off from the world.

2. Asteroid Sample has landed in South Australia

The Japanese Hayabusa2 has been in space for more than a year and took samples from an asteroid about 11.76 million kilometers away from the earth.

Hayabusa2 has now returned from its trip with a sample from the asteroid in hopes of finding out more about life beyond Earth. The team has confirmed that the mission was successful and they will now enter the phase of scientific operations and determining the actual findings from the sample.

3. Diamonds being made at Room Temperature in Australia

Australian scientists have been on the top of technology news for kids because they’ve been able to create diamonds in a matter of minutes at room temperature. Quite superman like isn’t it? How do they do it? Well, they pressurize carbon with the same weight of 640 African Elephants at room temperature. This same process takes years and years in its natural habitat but in a lab, they have managed to do it in minutes.

4. China after Moon Rocks

After a full 40 years, China has launched a mission to the moon to bring back moon rocks. If this mission is successful, this will be a test case that will then be applied to Mars and bring back rocks from there as well. This will serve as a giant leave for China’s space program as well.

5. AI to Smell History

Scientists have taken up the interesting goal of using artificial intelligence to re-create the scents and smells of the world from over a hundred years ago. This study is being called Odeuropa and will be a milestone program that will be initiated in January.

What’s expected in 2021?

1. Artificial Intelligence

This one has been around for a while but it’s starting to really gear up now. The use of AI (Artificial Intelligence) to re-create history and to really aid in security systems is something that will pick up speed in the coming year.

2. Robotics

Another one of technology’s developments that have been in the works for a long time but in 2021, it is expected that we will see more initiatives in this regard and we will begin seeing more applications in industry and the general world

3. 5G and its possibilities

5G has recently been launched to the market and we can already see its applications. The internet of things will soon be very common in the world with our appliances and machines powered through our phones via 5G.

4. Augmented Reality

AR games are a huge component of arcades but it is now expected that this will soon be developed further and launched at rates that are more affordable for your kids. AR will also aid in classroom settings in a post-pandemic world where e-learning is already such a vital part of our kids’ lives.

This will also be a huge help in medical environments where direct contact is currently a risk due to the fear of viral contamination. AR will also start on a large scale assisting security agencies in training their staff and prepping them for threatening situations.

5. Wearables

Although this has been around for a long time now kids will also have access to more child-appropriate technology devices with specific controls that let them enjoy technology while also being restricted to the endless amount of information out there. Safety locators, video game players, and more are all going the wearable route now.

That sums up the latest technology news for kids and also some very exciting trends that we will soon begin to spot in 2021.