Tennessee police arrested an alleged suspect who might have killed and put his dead roommate’s body in a suitcase. He tried to dispose of the body of the 63 years old in Memphis alley.

The Memphis police were called by a witness who saw a suspicious item lying in an alley behind a parking lot of Regions Bank on December 12th. The suitcase discovered had the remains of an elderly man who was later identified as Bruce Jefferies of 63 years.

According to the post mortem, Bruce Jefferies “died by blunt force trauma.”

According to the eyewitness who called the police, “a man was seen dragging a suitcase to an alley about 10 am.” Surveillance video also stamped the statement of the eyewitness. The witness also added that he saw that the suspect tried to throw the same suitcase in a dumpster but apparently the suitcase was too heavy.”

Later on, the investigation team found a blood trail from the suitcase which led all the way to an apartment building.

A search warrant for the apartment was obtained by the police officials.

Police found “signs of a struggle inside the apartment, including broken glass, blood in the bedroom and a broken mirror.” According to the reports, the papers and several other belongings found in the apartment belonged to a man called Julian Summers.

The Tennessee police also discovered a smaller suitcase similar to the one in which the remains of Jefferies was found inside the apartment. The smaller suitcase had clothes covered in blood. Other bloodied clothing was found in the washing machine of the apartment.

30-year-old Julian Summers was arrested and charged later on with second-degree murder, as well as tempering the evidence and also abusing a corpse.

Jefferies and Summers had been roommates for the past two years. It is expected that Summers will be presented in front of the court next Wednesday.