Terrence Clark, a former Kentucky Wildcat’s basketball player from the recent season, died in a tragic car accident in Los Angeles on Thursday. He was only 19 years old. Sgt. John Matassa from the Los Angeles Police Department told ESPN that Clarke was alone in the car that had crossed a red light, and was traveling at an unbelievably high speed.

The entire scene had been recorded on surveillance cameras, where Clarke’s car was seen crashing into another car that was turning on the left side. “He struck the vehicle, hit a street light pole and ultimately hit a block wall,” said Matassa. Right after the collision, Clarke was transported to the nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead due to the impact of the hit. His mother remained by his side as the basketball player took his last breath.

According to Matassa, the other driver involved in the collision did not sustain any injuries. He also revealed other minute details about the incident, including how Terrence Clarke was driving his 2021 Hyundai Genesis without wearing his seatbelt.

The news of his death was verified by the University of Kentucky in the late hours of Thursday. Clarke’s sudden passing evoked a myriad of responses from people all across the globe who expressed their sorrow on losing a talent like him at such an early age. The team’s head coach, John Calipari penned a few words down for him.

He said that Terrence Clark was much more than a good player; he had a beautiful heart, one that attracted people towards him in a room full of people. Calipari spoke on behalf of the entire team and concluded that his death has come as a shock to everyone, particularly himself, who remains “absolutely gutted and sick.” He further went on to announce that he is heading down to Los Angeles to assist Clarke’s mother and brother in whatever way he can. Before concluding, Calipari appealed to everyone around the globe to remember the deceased and his family in their prayers.

Terrence Clark had been in Los Angeles gearing up for the NBA draft which he had declared to do after the season concluded. Skilled and motivated, Clarke was by far one of the best players to have come from Boston in the last ten years. He had stood at 8 position in the Rivals.com rankings for the class of 2020.

The news of Terrence Clark’s death spread almost instantly, and soon the internet was flooded with messages, pictures and clips of the 19-year-old man, who lost his life too soon.