Attorney General of Texas, Ken Paxton has been accused by his top aides of abusing power, inappropriate influence, bribery, and other similar crimes and have appealed to the law enforcement authorities to conduct an investigation.

Seven executives drafted a letter to the state agency’s director of human resources and claimed that they have provided the relevant facts, figures, and their statements to law enforcement agencies. This letter was signed and sent by Paxton’s assistant, his deputy, and deputy attorney general. His assistant resigned later.

General Paxton’s office, in response, claimed that the allegations against him are false filed to hinder an investigation into the employee of the office.

This move to file a complaint against Paxton and report illicit activity came as a shock considering the organization prioritizes loyalty above anything else.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton Accused of Power Abuse

Paxton is already under investigation for possible securities fraud and this new development has drawn attention to him once again. He was accused of soliciting investors in Servergy while hiding the fact that he was being paid by McKinney behind the scenes.

Previously in 2015, Paxton was put on trial for three felony counts. He was also arrested seven months after being appointed as the attorney general. However, he was released shortly on a no-money bond.

He has also been accused that while conducting investment business, he did not register with state securities regulators. He was also allegedly involved in fraud in a civil complaint filed by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission regarding the Servergy venture.

Paxton responded by claiming that his actions were completely legal and did not come under the legal definition of fraud. He also blamed opponents who had political differences with him such as Republicans and the legislature.

He has denied all allegations against him claiming that they were just political attacks from people who disagree with his conservative views. His criminal case has been delayed numerous times.

In 2018, when he ran for re-election, his rival, a Democrat used these allegations to his advantage and hindered Paxton’s campaign.

A very important point to note is Mateer’s involvement, as he is known to be a political ally of Paxton and shares his conservative Christian beliefs on various issues.

Mateer’s nomination as a federal judge was retracted because of his comments against the LGBT community. He was reported calling transgender people part of ‘Satan’s plan’.