The controversial ban on abortion law continues to cause a stir across the United States of America as people continue to stay divided and protest against the controversial law backed by the Supreme Court.

The unusual law which gained massive attention across the country is effective in the red state as other states like Arizona, South Dakota pledges to follow the suit.

People of Texas have started to test the waters as there have been reports of violation of the ban on abortion law. Lawyers have come out in favor of the doctor who was sued for performing abortion which defied the ban on abortion law.

A successful legal case will result in more than $10,000 for the complainant. There have been reports of whistleblowers from the red state but so far people are intrigued by the handsome amount of money being announced by the government in order to capture the doctors and lawyers who go against the controversial law.

Michele Bratcher Goodwin, who is a Chancellor at the University of California stated “it’s not just about abortion? It’s about all these other spaces of controlling a person’s reproductive health, their well-being and constraining them to a particular point of view that is not consistent with the United States constitution. It’s more aligned with the kind of orthodoxy we have not seen in terms of religion since the Salem Witch Trials.”

According to the Human Rights Campaign, which is an organization for LGBTQ civil rights, there have been almost 100 lawsuits across 33 states, which were proposed or were supposed to be enacted in such a way to bereave the transgender of their basic civil rights. This is a new low in the past 15 years.

The Republican-controlled states such as South Dakota, Arizona, Indiana, Idaho, and Arkansas have openly expressed that they are planning to follow the suit of Texas and will be enacting the “heartbeat act” the infamous name given to the ban on abortion law as a model to be improvised as legislations in the respective states.