Lil Loaded, the Texas rapper who shot to fame with a 2019 single has died on Monday, confirmed officials. The 20-year-old rapper, whose real name was Dashawn Robertson has died by suicide, according to attorney Ashkan Mehryari.

Mehryari termed Lil Loaded’s death as “very tragic,” something he did not see coming at all. He further clarified about the record label investing a fortune in him as they believed in his talent and potential. Shocked and at a loss of words, Mehryari concluded that his client was a true star in the making and had a chance at a “very bright and promising music career ahead of him.”

Authorities present with the Dallas County medical examiner’s office are yet to determine the cause and nature of death. Just last year, Lil Loaded was faced with a manslaughter charge in a shooting that proved to be fatal for Khalil Walker, his 18-year-old best friend.

Lil Loaded’s attorney at that time declared the absence of malice in the circumstances that led to Walker’s death. Recent court records have gone on to show that the rapper, who was free on bond, had a hearing set to take place on Tuesday. However, Mehryari reiterated that the hearing of his client did not bear any connection to his suicide.

Robertson’s “6locc 6a6y” single went viral in 2019, garnering over 25 million views on YouTube. His performance paved the road to popularity, and soon, the then 18-year-old rapper became a young star in the making.

The same song was certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America last week, and Lil Loaded even took to Instagram to post about the news, stating the honor of having the “dopest fanbase on earth.”

In an interview with The Dallas Morning News, Stanley Gabart, whose production company worked with Lil Loaded’s record label Epic said the news of his passing came as an absolute shock. Gabart also added how the rapper had immense potential and was already on “a great path.” However, “he was struggling with some things we wish we would’ve known about,” concluded Gabart.

Lil Loaded released his last album, “CRIPTAPE” in December 2020.