A gunman opened fire on six people, killing one and injuring five at Kent Moore Cabinets on Thursday afternoon at Bryan, Texas. Larry Winston Bollin, a 27-year-old individual has been charged with murder and booked into the Brazos County Sheriff’s Office.

Bryan Police Chief claimed that the suspect in custody is an employee of the business itself.

Although law enforcement officials were notified immediately, they were not able to make it in time. By the time the police officers arrived at the crime site, it was already over.”

The injured were taken to a nearby hospital in the vicinity. They were all reported to be in critically injured but in stable condition.

The Texas Department of Public Safety declared that one of their officers had been injured while he tried to follow the alleged shooter.

The officials have claimed that a thorough investigation to ascertain the motive behind the attack is underway.

The suspect’s fellow employees affirmed that he did not disclose anything before shooting openly in the warehouse. In the words of Amelia Rodriguez, a worker at the business, the whole scene unfolded just like a horror movie.

She claimed that she felt as if she was “going to pass out” given the circumstances that made her realize the magnitude of the situation.

In response to this unprecedented attack, Texas Governor, Greg Abbot took to Twitter and claimed that he has been working with law enforcement personnel on this shooting incident.