The coronavirus cases in the United States are skyrocketing and the economy is dwindling while the White House stands idle and the Congress is in a stalemate over fiscal stimulus.

People have mixed feelings about the coming months since positive cases are increasing during winters. Multiple companies have announced that they have developed a vaccine for the coronavirus. The vaccines have been submitted for emergency approval and awaiting approval from the government health regulators, which hints that by mid-2021 the situation could become normal.

However, it will take some time until the vaccine is available to the public since it is in the process of approval now and will firstly be given to the frontline workers. Meanwhile, Donald Trump continues to ignore the advice of healthcare professionals when people must be encouraged to wear masks and follow social distancing protocols to prevent an increase in the number of cases.

Even though the Democrats and Republicans are back in Washington, they remain in a deadlock about a new stimulus package while millions of Americans remain unemployed and line up outside food banks to feed their starving families.

Joe Biden has already started appointing his administration, announcing an all-female communications team recently, and is yet to report his picks for the top economic officials.

Even though Biden has promised he will be closely listening and following the advice of healthcare professionals, he is unable to take any substantial action until he assumes office in January. The pandemic and the economic crisis would have worsened considerably by then.

While millions of people succumb to the coronavirus, Trump is consistently filing lawsuits in multiple states to prove his unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud.

Health professionals are concerned about the sudden rise in coronavirus cases due to people traveling on Thanksgiving across the country. Hospitals are exceeding their capacity limits and there is a shortage of healthcare workers as well.

A whopping 162,365 new coronavirus cases are reported in the US per day, which analysts believe is not an accurate number as of now because of a lag in cases during Thanksgiving break. According to John Hopkins University, the death toll is reaching an average of 1,430 people. An alarming number of hospitalizations have also been reported at 93,238 patients.

Anthony Fauci believes the Thanksgiving holiday travel will result in a surge even larger than the current one.