The Batman can’t stop when it comes to the ticket sales of the most epic and anticipated superhero movie which will go live on February 10th.

We are now just around the corner to move to next month of 2022 where the most anticipated and blockbuster movie of the season is about to shift into high gear with the release of Matt Reeves’ The Batman starring Robert Pattinson.

This new Batman movie has been circled around as the dark detective crime-related story which will also test The Dark Knight in different ways for the fans which they haven’t seen before. Moreover, the release of the film is just a month away and its marketing is in full swing. Also, a new 30-second trailer has been released to tickle the fans about the alluring mystery hidden at the heart of mouse, cat, or bat tale.

The trailer released has revisited the shots and dialogues that the fans have seen in the previous teasers of The Batman. Moreover, in the new trailer, we once again see Robert Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne between the crowd from the past teasers as he seems to be having a gothic look and is supposed to be at a funeral after getting lectured that he is not working on Gotham.

“Many of you may have seen this scene from @TheBatman floating around online, so I decided to put it on my Vimeo in 4k. #AdvanceTickets go on sale 2/10! In the meantime, hope you enjoy this sneak peak… #TheBatman comes out #OnlyInTheaters on March 4th!” After the release of the trailer, one of the fans Tweeted, “I still can’t believe this. From then to now, the VFX work is absolutely insane. The Batcave ended up way bigger and way more stylized than I was expecting, and I can’t get enough of it. This is some Oscar-level shit here. #TheBatman”.

The trailer of The Batman finally ends with the confirmation that the tickets are on sale which will be available on February 10th. In addition, the website has also published a Riddle which you can also try out here. All of the questions which are coming into your mind will be answered by The Batman when he finally makes his way to the theaters on March 4th. “He can’t stop what’s coming. Get tickets for #TheBatman starting February 10, only in theaters March 4”, The Batman Tweeted with a glimpse of the upcoming release.