Every country in the world has an army, but let’s find out what country has the best army? It would be naive to think that only good agreements, negotiations, and diplomacy can guarantee a country’s sovereignty. The history of humanity has shown time and again that every country needs an army to protect its borders.

Waging war in this modern age has taken on a very dangerous side: since the development of nuclear weapons, humanity has developed the ability to destroy itself. If the word goes to another world war, there will be no winners or losers, just a destroyed world. That does not alter the fact that many countries only feel safe by investing a lot of money in a strong army. Let’s find out which countries have the strongest armies.

Egyptian Armed Forces

Egypt is a country in North Africa that borders Israel and is said to have one of the strongest militaries in the world. The country’s location puts it at a disadvantage as there have been ongoing conflicts between various groups for many decades. It is therefore not surprising that Egypt is investing heavily in a powerful army. The Egyptian army is the largest of all African countries. The Egyptian armed forces took part in wars against Israel, and the airstrikes against Iraq in the first Gulf War.

Turkish Armed Forces

Turkey’s armed forces make up the most powerful army in the Muslim world. The Turkish army is part of NATO and consists of four segments: the army, air force, navy, and coast guard. The Turkish army was founded in 1920 and has its roots in the former Ottoman Empire. The army is the most important part of the Turkish armed forces. The Turkish Air Force has a significant number of American F-16s. The intention is that these F-16s will gradually be replaced in the future by American F-35s and by Turkish fighter aircraft that the country manufactures.

Japan Self-Defense ForcesAfter the role of the Japanese Army in World War II, Japan’s armed forces were greatly reduced and transformed into the Japanese Self-Defense Forces. The military’s role is limited by Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution, which allows self-defense only if the country is under attack. The Japanese Self-Defense Forces have therefore never taken part in a real offensive battle. The Japanese army does play a role in peacekeeping and relief operations.

British Army

The British army was once the most powerful in the world. The United Kingdom once ruled nearly a third of the world’s population and had an empire where the sun never set. That heyday is long gone, but the British military is still one of the most modern, powerful, and technologically advanced militaries in the world. The British armed forces also have nuclear weapons.
Queen Elisabeth II is the official commander in chief, but in reality, the command rests with the British Prime Minister and the cabinet. In recent years, the British army has only participated in operations within an international coalition.

French Army

As the fourth largest nuclear power, France has approximately 300 nuclear weapons. Most are nuclear missiles that can be fired from submarines and fighter planes. The French army has enormous military strength. After the Paris attacks in November 2015, the French government was able to mobilize its air force in the fight against IS within 48 hours.

The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of China

China, one of the oldest and largest countries in the world, rely on its enormously powerful army. The Chinese government spends billions of dollars annually on military expenditure. China’s People’s Liberation Army has the largest number of active military personnel in the world.

Russian Armed Forces

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Russian Armed Forces were established in 1992. The commander in chief is the sitting Russian president. Russia is also one of the largest nuclear powers in the world. To answer which country has the best army, Russia is surely among the top three.

United States Army

The United States military is said to be the best force in the world. The commander in chief is the president, which is why the officeholder is generally considered the most powerful person in the world. The United States armed forces are made up of: the US Army, the US Marine Corps, the US Navy, the US Air Force, and the US Coast Guard. The United States is also a leader in nuclear weapons and has a military predominance in space. The US military operates all over the world. Recent military operations have focused mainly on terrorism-related wars.