Choose cocktails that not only taste deliciously fresh but are also very low in calories. Especially at Christmas parties or during summers, we are concerned about not leaving the food table and end up adding several extra kilos. To make your diet a bit lighter, today we are going to tell you the calorie content of several of your favorite drinks. Its consumption, in moderate quantities, can always be considered positive.

If you drink too many of these drinks you will of course still feel guilty the next morning. But what matters is the amount of sugar and calories in the drinks that people are taking especially on the weekend. You will be shocked when you see how much sugar is there is in a mixed drink. They are real calorie bombs.

Some drinks seem slimmer than they are. Smoothies and juices may be healthy, but they often contain a lot of sugars and calories. Four pieces of fruit quickly go into a smoothie, the sugars of which you get in one go.

Regulations from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration require restaurants and bars to list the calories in beverages on their menus. It is probably not a hidden fact, and it has become a global trend.

Mineral water is the only drink along with tea that does not make you fat, while lemon drinks contain the most calories. The drinks that we consume daily can have a very varied intake from healthy herbs, simple sugars, or alcohol.

Distilled beverages such as vodka or whiskey provide more calories than beer and wine, precisely because of the concentration of alcohol they have: the more alcohol, the more calories. It is not that easy, but this rule can serve as a reference.

It is always interesting to note that calories are not everything: a cola drink will always have fewer calories than an orange juice but the vitamins and nutrients provided by the latter are of great importance for our lives, resulting in a very beneficial contribution.

In the case of wine, if the wine is white, the caloric intake is a little higher. A glass of white wine can provide about 105 kcal. The base of the cider, for its part, is made of apples. This typical alcoholic drink contains only 50 calories per glass. Without a doubt, it is one of the alcoholic beverages with the least caloric intake. It also helps to maintain vitamins and minerals of the apple and part of the benefits of this fruit.

Wines are the most common serving in toasts. Champagne is also not the drink with the most calories. The caloric intake of this sparkling drink would be around 70 kCal, although it can vary considerably depending on the variety of champagne.

The best low calorie mixed drinks are a good option, but in best mixed drinks low calorie the excess is not recommended. Although there is still no conclusive research in this regard, the truth is that there is a possibility that they influence weight gain. To compensate for the lack of sugar, these drinks contain artificial sweeteners and an excess of sodium.

Cocktails, meanwhile, tend to contain many calories. They can be considered authentic calorie bombs in some cases. Many of the drinks if you analyze contain sugar. Sugar, like almost everything, is necessary but it must be consumed in limited quantity.

Black coffee has no calories and an ice-cold coffee is very refreshing. Feel free to make your iced coffee with a strong coffee, because the ice cubes will soften the taste. It is better to make ice cubes from your leftover coffee instead of water to prevent your iced coffee from becoming watery. Be careful with adding milk and sugar, because they naturally contain calories.