Big tech companies such as Google, Apple, Intel, and Uber have expressed interest in building Autotech cars. They could be the next big car manufacturers as they are exerting great influence on the traditional automobile market with their great Autotech technology.

These tech companies have the vision of becoming leaders in global Autotech. According to a study, “Autotech: The Mother of All Tech Battles”, investment bank GP Bullhound said that the budget of these tech companies surpassed many of the automotive companies last year and therefore have a good amount to spend on their Autotech research.

Autotech has created a new market and network value and claims it will overtake the automotive industry. Tech companies have been focusing on the specific qualities of Autotech such as fuel economy, ride quality, and safety for over two decades. Now, it has laid its focus on advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) by which a car will be able to drive itself with complete autonomy.

One of its biggest examples is Google’s driverless car company, Waymo, which is a fully self-driving service to avoid the stress of driving as it knows where and how to take you somewhere safe. Waymo is being tested on the roads by Google. It is one of the only companies that have fully autonomous vehicle testing. Due to its technology and software, it can detect pedestrians, other vehicles, or any construction work from the distance of around three football fields with a 360-degree view.

Another big example is Uber’s flying taxi dream, Uber Air, which is being built to avoid rush-hour traffic giving people the chance to escape from traffic and fly in the air. It is going to be the next big trend in the automotive and aviation world. This concept was taken from NASA’s concept of electric vertical take-off and landing (EVTOL) in 2001. Now after over two decades, it is being processed and tested on land. A great competition and race can be observed among tech businesses to manufacture the first flying vehicle.

Another notable name in the Autotech business is Intel. It has been working in computer vision tech for an autonomous vehicle for a long time. Now, it is the time to turn it into reality and Intel recently demoed their Volocopter prototype last year at the Consumer Electronics Show.

Despite the great efforts, research, and tests, these companies are still in the very beginning phases of this technology. It is going to take quite some time for the Autotech release. As it is a costly process and has a large market, not many companies will be able to finally succeed. However, the big names like Google, Intel, and Uber are surely going to make their mark in the Autotech world and we are greatly looking forward to that.