In the United States, the COVID-19 situation is so bad now that foreign relief workers have come to assist.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Chief Medical Correspondent of CNN, stated on Thursday that this is a humanitarian tragedy.

Doctors from different countries are working to help the United States fight the virus, he added. Over 241,000 individuals have currently died of the coronavirus in the United States – a number that is rising with each passing day.

Gupta stated that the organization is usually concerned with real crises and medical emergencies worldwide. And now, when they’re looking at a map and ask where must we be? They’re pointing to the US. They were in Detroit’s nursing homes. They have gone to Missouri. They are trying to offer their services in these different places. And still, the numbers are high.

The stats are just daunting. According to Johns Hopkins University, the US claimed 1,893 deaths on Wednesday. The count would be a new high since May, although it could be due to an outdated Georgian figure that includes backlogged deaths. The count could be distorted.

Increase in covid-19 casesAs per the Institute of Health Indicators and Assessment at the University of Washington, more than 110,000 additional individuals are estimated to die due to coronavirus within just two months.

Nine days in a row, the US has surpassed 100,000 infections daily. The second straight day of the coronavirus hospitalizations being reported was Wednesday. More studies indicate that the pandemic only escalates as a crucial vacation season is near.

Reports sent to states this week by the White House Task Force of COVID-19 has cautioned of the acceleration of the virus and mentioned that it may affect half of the country’s population. The crisis on the North East, West Coast, and the states in Mid-Atlantic could escalate aggressively in the next few weeks, as per the forecast by the Philadelphia Children’s Hospital Policy Lab.