The coronavirus has changed the world for good. It will never be the same. Though most of the world’s population has learned to live with it and adopted the new normal – wearing the masks and following other safety precautions – coronavirus is here to stay.

The intensity of coronavirus may decrease with the passage of time but it is not going to diminish from our world that is for sure. Even though vaccines have been developed, and the number of cases has finally started to decline, coronavirus may remain one of the most infectious diseases in years to come.

The literal meaning of endemic is a constant presence of disease among the people of a specific geographic area. An endemic disease is one that has the potential of becoming a pandemic. The main feature is that the endemic diseases spread every year on a baseline level without causing much disruption in the life of the people belonging to that particular region. In simpler words, it is here to stay.

Malaria is a type of endemic present in many parts of the world. It is confined to particular regions of the world, but it is not a threat to other parts of the world to become an outbreak.

Definitely, coronavirus is going to stay here as an endemic for several years. As new variants emerge, it will get more difficult to eradicate it completely. The new strands of coronavirus found in the United Kingdom and South Africa are more deadly than the parent strand and are definitely more easily transmissible.  The new COVID-19 vaccine doesn’t seem to be very effective against the new strands, therefore the chances of the disease becoming endemic are quite clear.