The COVID-19 vaccination card is given to the recipients after they have been administered the vaccine shots. People have been displaying their vaccination card photos on social media for months now, showcasing it like a badge of honor. The reality is, this card holds immense importance for a secure future than you realize.

This precious card contains all the vital information including the dates when the vaccine was administered to you as well as the brand of the vaccine. The health experts predict that this card will come in handy in the future for streamlining the newer booster shots against the virus as well as to prove your vaccination status.

The vaccine brand and its lot number are written on your card will play a vital role in the future when you will be administered a booster dose.

Dr. John Brownstein, an epidemiologist claimed that a vaccination card is a tool that people can use in the future to declare their level of protection against the coronavirus. This card will help in assessing the immunity against the COVID-19 as it will become an integral part of our lives.

Amesh Adalja, an infectious disease specialist and senior scholar at John Hopkins University Center for Health Security has claimed that these cards have the potential to make international travel easier in the near future, as the carriers will be exempted from entering into quarantine or testing.

Like any other vaccination documents, these cards can be replaced if they are lost or damaged, but it is advised to keep them safe especially during the ongoing pandemic.

The country’s healthcare system is already stretched to its maximum.

Be it school, travel, or entertainment venues, you should keep the vaccination card with you. Apart from vaccination status, it will help to determine if you need to get yourself retested, enter quarantine, or otherwise, show proof of your immunization.

The vaccination card should be given the same importance as any other documents such as social security cards or passports.

As the world covers itself into a new shroud after the coronavirus pandemic, this vaccine card might just be your ticket back to normalcy.