President Biden’s vcacination rollout plan is going on in full swing. Scott Gottlieb, the former Food and Drug Administration boss has commended the country for ensuring such a seamless vaccination process for its residents. He described it as a “monumental achievement” and the primary reason why the US is still thriving unlike countries like India that have been badly affected due to another wave.

Sunday’s CBS’ Face the Nation saw Gottlieb speaking out about the stable situation of the US that is expected to improve in the coming weeks. He suggests that the prime reason for this massive advancement is the decreasing number of coronavirus cases that have only been achieved due to effective vaccination rollout plans.

Citing the example of San Francisco, the former FDA boss pointed out how the city had been witnessing a record number of COVID cases each day back in January. Just four months and half of adult residents’ vaccination later, the city barely counts 20 new cases each day.

Despite Gottlieb’s reservations about the vaccination count declining over the next few weeks, he suggested that health officers should continue their consistent efforts at inoculating the residents who are yet to be vaccinated. Moreover, he was quick to inform the general public about a different variant of the virus that has destroyed several countries, including India.

According to Gottlieb, similar mutations that are rampant in various states across the world are now emerging in the US as well. However, the variants haven’t been able to gain a strong standing in the country as the public is being vaccinated extensively.

At present, nearly one in three Americans has been fully vaccinated, while others have received one shot as shown in the statistics unveiled by the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention. The number of coronavirus cases have also seen a consistent decline ever since the process of inoculating the residents started back in February this year.

Last week, the US had also sent a large number of medical supplies to India as the country was badly hit by the virus.  The country counted 400,000 coronavirus cases on Saturday, breaking earlier records for highest one day standing.