The food trends of America’s top fast-food restaurants are evolving. QSR magazine gives a yearly insight into how the USA’s top 50 fast-food chains performed in different situations based on their region. The data outcome has turned out to be somewhat predictable and has some important lessons for us.

The Burger is the ‘King’

Burger KingEveryone loves burgers, and in 2019, they proved to be the most prominent fast-food among all others. Here’s how the overall revenue analysis summed up:

  1. Burgers: $81.6 billion
  2. Snack: $36.3 billion
  3. Chicken: $27.2 billion
  4. Sandwich: $26.4 billion
  5. Global: $22.8 billion
  6. Pizza: $20.4 billion

As reflected from the list, a clear difference can be seen between the first and second segments itself. However, neither of the well-liked burger chains made it to the shortlisted restaurants for the QSR 50. Moreover, it is likely that the indicators may vary in the coming year due to the changing patterns of the consumer.

McDonald’s continued the legacy to dominate

McDonaldThe world’s most renowned fast-food franchise topped the list. While other restaurants managed to attract decent revenue, McDonald’s was able to generate $40.41 billion just from its U.S outlets.

  1. McDonald’s: $40.41 billion
  2. Starbucks: $21.55 billion
  3. Chick-fil-A: $11 billion
  4. Taco Bell: $11 billion
  5. Burger King: $10.3 billion

Starbucks came in next, making half the revenue as McDonald’s. This data also validates burgers being the most-liked fast-food in America, overshadowing the other categories of food as stated above.

Subway: But for how long?

SubwaySubway leads the food chains in terms of the number of units, but is it really what it looks like?

  1. Subway: 23,802
  2. Starbucks: 15,041
  3. McDonald’s: 13,846
  4. Dunkin’: 9,630
  5. Pizza Hut: 7,416

There is more to what meets the eye in this case. The open-kitchen restaurant shut down 996 outlets in 2019 in the U.S alone, facing a large drop in sales which may continue in the future.

Chick-fil-A, an undisputed leader

Chick-fil-AThe restaurant is always crowded with people and drive-thru cars. This speaks a lot about what the average sales per outlet would look like. The most beloved chicken restaurant in America makes massive revenue per franchise outlet.

  1. Chick-fil-A: $4.52 million
  2. Shake Shack: $4.21 million
  3. Raising Cane’s: $3.6 million
  4. Whataburger: $3.08 million
  5. McDonald’s: $2.91 million

Look out for different leaders in 2020:

The results may be different post-pandemic, and it is likely that most restaurants report a significant sales decrease in 2020. The pandemic has enabled time for all food chains to re-evaluate their strategies and adapt to the changes, and those chains that succeed will likely be on top of the QSR’s list.