It was a shocking development when people heard from Taraji that she had suicidal thoughts during the pandemic. This idea was due to a lot of stress as she went through different changes in her life this year.

This year has not been easy on the mind and body of anyone let alone a personality like Taraji. She turned 50 this year while she still takes off her son to ensure his well-being.

The thought to commit suicide did cross her mind during the pandemic as she was struggling with depression. Suicidal thoughts can be difficult to handle without any professional help.

She managed to surpass such a spur of the moment otherwise she would have taken the extreme step. She also had access to professionals to discuss the matter.

The overall impact of such an event could have resonated among the masses as people went through difficult times. It is often seen that people relate to celebrities around them and follow them.

The pandemic has caused a lot of trouble to the common person which is the reason for stress for many. As the second wave hits the American cities, the situation it appears is not going to improve anytime soon.

People are taking care of others around them to ensure that the mental impacts are minimized. The overall impact has still been far from complicated for common people to handle themselves.

Taraji was going through her failed engagement with Kelvin Hayden this year which added to her problems. She thought of taking her gun and shooting herself but the thought of her son stopped her.

The mental health professionals believe that suicides are common among the masses during a pandemic. If people are not taken care of, they can develop certain suicidal tendencies that can be harmful to them.

There are chances that people may inflict harm on others in their rage and uncontrollable feelings. It is important to take care of the people around you and understand their feelings to help them.

Taraji had two consecutive nights that were unbearable for her to manage and she had suicidal thoughts in her mind. She managed to talk to a friend on the second night to get her help otherwise she would have made her history.