As Saint Patrick’s Day is right around the corner, Two Stacks introduces one of the best blends of Irish whiskey with a twist. The Irish whiskey in cans is just perfect to celebrate the day.

Have you ever heard someone saying, “How many cans of whiskey have you had?” You would have never, because before today whiskey was never sold in the cans.  However, Two Stacks breaks this norm by introducing 100ml cans in a pack of four, which would cost you no more than $19.

Previously people preferred bottles over cans, but the remote nature of cans has changed the perspective of the beverage industry. Not only you can have cans wherever you want without worrying about them being fragile, but the cans also tend to preserve the content inside them without it going bad.

The initiative of pouring adult hard drinks into the can was taken by Craft Beer Makers, followed by winemakers producing quality canned wines, which are gaining popularity in the US. And now, Two Stacks have brought whiskey in cans for the first time.

When one of the founders of Two Stacks Irish Whiskey, Shane McCarthy, was asked about this unique idea, the owner replied with excitement that they spent their quarantine in the development and making of the first ever-canned Irish whiskey.  The idea was initiated because the owners wanted to make the premium blend of their Irish Whiskey available to everyone and in small quantities as well, which will allow people for experimentation.

Moreover, the cans are remote, which you can carry anywhere and everywhere. Not only this but because these come in a pack of four, you can share them among your friends and family. These cans by Two Stacks are perfect to have after a hike or skiing trip. Apart from that, this will be a relaxing addition at dinner, parties, or for a camp night with pals.

Two Stacks is a new producer, but it is using existing distilleries to produce its fine blends. Its first two signature products are Two Stack Blended Whiskey and another one is with higher alcohol content. Other than these, the company plans on introducing four more blends later this year.

You can buy these cans in more than twenty states of the US, including California, Texas, New Jersey, Ohio, Washington, New York, and Illinois by June.