Sylvester Turner, Mayor Houston has called for the state of Texas to pay the outstanding electricity bills racked up by the residents of the state.

The current situation in the state of Texas is miserable and the Biden Administration has called for intensified efforts to avert this disaster that has left thousands of households without power, water, and other basic supplies.

The US federal government has pledged support to the needy people of the state to bring back life to normal.

The federal assistance will be used to repair the damaged infrastructure, house repairs, and to ensure the availability of low-interest loans so everyone can make their ends meet in these trying times in the wake of a record-breaking snowstorm.

People of Texas are experiencing an unprecedented cold winter – thanks to the polar surge.

Texas electricity prices have soared to all-time high and residents now have to pay bills amounting to $16,000.

Most of the Texas residents are paying electricity bills at a fixed rate but consumers on volatile tariffs have to pay higher bills.

Following this situation, Houston Mayor, Sylvester Turner has called upon the Texas state government to pay bills so that the residents can be saved from soaring electricity costs.

According to reports, a population of 2.5 million is left without electricity. Some households are left without a water supply due to broken pipes.

The food supply chain in Texas was disrupted, and supermarkets across the state were closed due to power outages, and people had to rely on the food they stored to survive.

Almost 80% of the electricity in Texas is supplied by thermal power plants, but due to the cold wave, the output of natural gas has dropped significantly, thereby affecting the production capacity of the thermal plants.

About 20% of Texas’ electricity is generated by wind power plants, but due to the cold weather, some turbines have stopped working, and 4.5 gigawatts of power generation capacity has been affected, resulting in higher power consumption costs.